Morphing Machines works in close collaboration with academic research groups at the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore and at some of the IITs in order to keep at the cutting edge of innovation in the academic world. Every year Morphing Machines staff members work with and publish research papers with academic researchers in reputed international journals and conferences. Morphing Machines also provides technical consulting support to various advanced research projects at national academic and research institutions in India. The CADLab at IISc, one of the foremost and active research groups in India in silicon and systems design areas, is a premium research partner of Morphing Machines.

Primary core research areas of interest to Morphing Machines include:

  • Parallel computer architectures,
  • Parallel and distributed computing, and,
  • Parallel programming and parallel compilers.

Applications research areas of interest to Morphing Machines include:

  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis,
  • Floating point, numerical, and linear algebra computations,
  • High and ultra high definition video processing,
  • Signal processing and pattern recognition,
  • Neural computing,
  • Cognitive and software defined radio,
  • Real-time synchronous reactive systems, and,
  • Embedded monitors for secure embedded systems.

Morphing Machines Fellowships provide opportunities for sponsored doctoral research at top academic research institutions in India.