RFFT-4K: High-performance reconfigurable IP core for 64 to 4K point FFT

The MM RFFT-4K is an energy-efficient reconfigurable FFT IP core enabling dynamically selectable FFT sizes of 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048, and 4,096 points (with provision for scaling to even larger FFT sizes).  It provides an optimized standalone solution (including input data memory for 16-bit fixed-point data representation in Q1.15 format) for FFT computation based on a Radix-4^3 algorithm.

With a fully synchronous flow and parallel pipelined architecture, the MM RFFT-4K IP core supports clock speeds from 40 MHz to 312 MHz on ASIC and a throughput matching the clock rate, resulting in a net performance of 40 MSPS at a minimum clock speed of 40 MHz and 312 MSPS (4.9 Gbps) at the maximum clock speed of 312 MHz.  A SQNR of 62.4 dB for 64-point FFT and 51 dB for 4K-point FFT using only 21.6 mW to 26.3 mW ( @ 40 MHz) of power and a compact ASIC footprint of 1.101 mm^2 ( @ 65 nm) makes the MM RPFFT-4K a winning IP core for demanding applications such as OFDM based wireless systems, Digital Signal Processing and telecommunication systems, baseband processing in Software Defined Radio, and spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio.

The attached datasheet provides more details of the MM RFFT-4K IP Core.

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