LPFFT-64 - High Performance Low Power 64 Point Streaming FFT Core

The MM LPFFT-64 is an optimized standalone solution (including input data memory for 16-bit fixed-point data representation in Q1.15 format) for 64-point FFT computation based on a Radix-4^3 algorithm.

With a fully synchronous flow and parallel pipelined architecture, the MM LPFFT-64 IP core achieves 100% resource utilization and a throughput of 4 outputs per clock cycle, resulting in a net performance of 20 MSPS at a minimum clock speed of 5 MHz and 1,288 MSPS (20.6 Gbps) at the maximum clock speed of 322 MHz.  A SQNR of 70dB using only 1.69 mW ( @ 5 MHz) of power and a compact ASIC footprint of 0.113 mm^2 ( @ 65 nm) makes the MM LPFFT-64 a winning IP core for demanding applications such as OFDM based WLAN systems (IEEE 802.11a/g), Digital Signal Processing and telecommunication systems, and Polyphase Channelizer.

The attached datasheet provides more details of the MM LPFFT-64 IP Core.

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