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Riding the new wave of silicon-centric systems innovation in India...

Morphing Machines is on a mission to create an exciting new range of silicon-centric solutions for compute-intensive applications. Leveraging the path-breaking patent-pending REDEFINE Reconfigurable Massively Parallel Processor SoC platform technology, a variety of high-performance silicon solutions for various application domains have been developed at Morphing Machines in the areas of cryptography, data security, avionics, high-definition image and video processing, numerical computation, neural networks and deep learning, and other areas.

REDEFINE based solutions deliver a unique combination of high performance and flexibility not available from other technologies offered by global players. REDEFINE technology enables ASIC-like high performance at an affordable NRE cost for a much wider range of compute-intensive applications than has ever been possible before. Advanced compiler toolchain and runtime software support is an integral part of the REDEFINE offerings.

Differentiation and positioning of REDEFINE technology



Explore the world of REDEFINE reconfigurable silicon cores with Morphing Machines.