Personal Reconfigurable Encryption Agent for USB Storage

PREAUS is a production grade data security solution launched by Morphing Machines, currently available only for the Indian defense, government, and enterprise customers. Loss and theft of USB pen drives, USB hard drives, and whole laptops have created grave data security threats in India and around the world. The PREAUS device solution leverages the Morphing Machines strong encryption silicon IPs to provide an immediate practical solution to this problem which satisfies all the following:

  • Powerful and effective. Uses 3 layers of protection leveraging the latest standard strong encryption algorithms.
  • Intuitive and simple. No training required. Facilitates instant adoption by a variety of general users. Provides user interface for pass phrases in Indian languages.
  • Non-restrictive usability. Creates no additional obstacle to productive work by users. Usable instantly with any off-the-shelf commercial USB storage device.
  • Immediate availability. No waiting for long open-ended R&D. Production version can be made available in volume almost immediately.

With the Morphing Machines PREAUS device, Indian govt and defense sector users can instantly mitigate the risk of the most common data security breaches arising from loss or theft of stored data on USB storage drives and laptops. The silicon IP for strong encryption and the overall PREAUS product are developed entirely indigenously in India by Morphing Machines. Variations of the PREAUS support a variety of use cases concerned with data security. See the PREAUS datasheet for more details.